Atherton Table Lands 1

Since yesterday, I've been to Tablelands!!
And now just got back to home...
It was so nice there, lots of water falls, lakes, gorges...
I've been there with my friends from class, Quentin from switzland and Yulaij from slovakia.
Quentin was a driver and Yulaij was guide, and me boss! cause Im the oldest and girl! they are gentlemen, are'nt they?
Actually we skipped school for 2days though, its worth.
First day, we started about 7oclock and visited many water falls, we seam in the falls, some of them are quite big and deep enough to swim.
First fall, I forgot the name, that was quite far from carpark, we had to walk about 2.5 km in the bush, but I like that fall best.
It is big and we could swim in there, water was so cold though, there were no one other than us.
And Millamilla fall was also nice. but there were many people, so we prefer first water fall.
anyway, I enjoyed a lot!!
Im gonna write more about it later...
and I got to study more English anyway...

by mayjay2 | 2006-08-23 18:06 | オーストラリア  

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